Dr. Nicholas Pegge : Cardiologist


As a cardiologist, I see patients with a variety of causes for breathlessness. This can be a very upsetting symptom and one which can in some people interfere with exercise or even day to day activity.

But for most people with heart problems causing breathlessness, once an accurate diagnosis is made, treatment can be offered which can make a substantial difference to quality of life and the ability to exercise.

A range of problems with the heart can cause shortness of breath. Heart failure - weakness of the muscle of the heart - is a common and very treatable cause. Other causes can include coronary artery disease, as some people experience their ‘angina’ as breathlessness rather than a pain. Heart valve problems can cause breathlessness, and also heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias).

Investigations needed may include echocardiogram, cardiac catheterisation or ECG monitoring.









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